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Steakley Plumbing offers everything one could possibly want for their remodel: sinks, faucets, disposals, water purifiers, instant hot water dispensers, soap dispensers, accessories and so much more. Plus, get creative with the infinite possibilities with our amazing, HAND-MADE, NON-POURUS, VIRTUALLY STAINPROOF, MAINTENANCE-FREE, LIFETIME WARRANTEED concrete countertops. Heard about Paperstone? You’ll want to inquire about this phenomenal “green” product. Some highlights are:

We’re the ONLY authorized Paperstone dealer in Tennessee

  1. PaperStone is the ‘greenest’ architectural surface on the market today. Common applications include interior countertops, wall cladding, conference tables, signs, cutting boards, window sills, and toilet partitions.
  2. PaperStone is also an excellent choice for rainscreens.
  3. Most PaperStone products are made from post-consumer waste, recycled paper and proprietary, petroleum-free, phenolic resins. Organic pigments assure superior UV resistance, color stability and even color distribution through the entire panel.
  4. Depending upon the project, the use of PaperStone may contribute to several LEED credits.

While you’re still dreaming of your perfect “escape” at home, consider upgrading to an efficient tankless water heater – and get an ENDLESS supply of hot water!  As a bonus, you’ll also find savings of up to 40% in your energy bill.

We’ll transform your bath or kitchen into an elegant space you’ve been dreaming of – and provide hassle-free services from design to installation. Call us at 615-333-3030 – and don’t forget mention our website and we’ll waive the design fee ! (Typically valued at 3% of the project cost.)